Our Story

Meet Demitra!

Grounding & Master Reiki, Crystal Therapist

We're a local Montreal one-stop-shop for all of your
Divine tools.
 EmporiOM is here to facilitate your
personal growth, mental health, and to balance your energy centers.

Founded in 2016 by a mother & daughter duo, our mission to
help Starseeds like YOU understand that there are healing remedies in
crystals and in other spiritual tools.

EmporiOM crystals and cleansing tools are ethically sourced from all
around the globe. All collections are selected for
their beauty, uniqueness and healing properties.

When you support our local shop, you are not just "buying into a
fad" - but rather embarking on a healing experience! We offer a tailored 1:1 service and are here to answer all of your questions.

EmporiOM’s Divine tools are blessed by Master Reiki and charged by the Moon cycles.

Demitra has 6 years of experience as a crystal and Reiki practitioner

*✧ wishing you love & light xox *✧